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VILLA ORSULA: Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Villa Orsula is an ultra-stylish marriage of opulent architectural history and trendsetting interior design with a five-star concierge service – all in a glorious seaside setting with dazzling views of nearby Dubrovnik Old Town and the Adriatic.  Overlooking the forested island of Lokrum, Villa Orsula is just a five-minute stroll from the white-stoned World Heritage site of Dubrovnik Old Town.  In fact, it was once the home of a local noble family, and the original name lives on.  Inside, contemporary design touches such as surrealist artwork by Roberto Matta and Victor Vasarely's op art dress the walls, paired with an eclectic collection of aesthetic objets d'art.   The villa comes with 11 rooms and 2 suites.  

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