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Our team is comprised of five innovative and seasoned industry professionals with years of experience in the luxury travel space.  Having spent time in a variety of sectors within the industry, we effectively navigate this vacillating, and often intimidating, landscape.  We bring our clients to a place of stability and strive to facilitate lasting and fruitful relationships.



+1 407 427 4657

Danielle brings a diversity of experience to the team, including 7 years in the airline industry, and representation for a number of luxury brands.  She has a contagious passion for the luxury travel industry, evident in her work with our Index partners.  She is a master at teasing out and defining why our partners are so special, and has a love for sharing their stories.  Her efforts have seen measurable increases in driving business, and she continuously endeavors to better serve our industry partners.


+1 406 698 4291

Tyler LaMont comes from a dynamic background in the luxury travel industry, having worked with a number of reputable travel brands from around the world. In addition to trade outreach efforts for top luxury hotels, he has worked extensively with villas, DMC’s, global tour operators and Tourism Boards. Tyler also sits on the Global Board of Young Travel Professionals, a millennial focused networking organization dedicated to opening doors for the next generation of travel professionals. 


WAZHA DUBE / Manager, Africa

+1 808 277 9240

An expat hailing from Botswana and the United States, Wazha Dube is the Index Africa specialist, with 10+ years’ experience in sales, marketing and strategic development in lodges, tour operations and representation for a top luxury operators and properties.   Having spent his career working extensively with luxury hotels brands, leading travel agencies, bespoke DMCs and tour operators, industry consortiums and Tourism Boards.  Wazha is also sits on the Northeast board of APTA.  

DOLORES SIMONDS / Business Strategies

Dolores has been an industry professional for many years, and has an extensive background in the airline and hospitality industry. Her experience in negotiating and account development, in addition to having a proven track record for establishing long term business relationships in the hospitality industry, makes her a huge asset to the Index Select team.

KAZ SANTANA / Marketing Manager

Kaz Santana is our Marketing Strategist + Content Creator with a BA in Marketing.  After doing commercials for over 10 years her passion grew into helping artists and entrepreneurs succeed, and she always had an interest in the travel industry.  She's ran a successful coaching business for actors and also created the non-profit Golden Shoes Project. She believes every business venture has an artistic and a business side - her goal is to marry the two to create a cohesive narrative that is both creative and results oriented. Through her past work experience & social media training, she understands story telling.